What’s Up with Art Sikrap?

Padagos: On-the-Spot Tattoo Competition 2019

This year 2019 marks the first time Bicol Mythology gets placed in the limelight at a Bantayog Festival tattoo competition. It is also the second time this type of event gets officially supported by the provincial government of Camarines Norte – through its tourism arm.

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Arog Kaito Collective

About two weeks before Christmas of 2018, nine individuals put their heads together and came up with a quick exhibition of arts and crafts - in what eventually turned out to become the Arog Kaito Project. In a nutshell, the project aimed to showcase locally created...

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Art history, herstory

Art history is hardly “herstory”—that is, women are rarely given the attention and value we deserve, despite the fact that we have always, like our male counterparts, not only contributed to, but also caused significant shifts in the direction art takes.This deep...

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The ArtSikrap Project

It all started on a rainy day before the 3rd Philippine Cinema Sessions (NCR), while typhoon Ompong eases towards Isabela, Apayao, and Abra to landfall. Two friends from Bicol Region decided on a bold move and created the initial foundation of the ArtSikrap Movement....

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