Ever Ancient, Ever New


Ever Ancient, Ever New is a contemporary sculpture depicting God the Creator as an ageless being, who appears to be a child at first glance, but upon closer inspection shows the marks of the passage of time. The eyes are deep, piercing, but at the same time gentle and serene. A red scarf suggestive of incarnation wraps around the shoulders, and the figure rests on an integral faceted plinth suggestive of the cosmos, which, when taken together, symbolizes the artist’s simplified version of the Creation Narrative.

Disclaimer: Photos shown may have slight colouring differences from actual artwork due to difference in lighting and other photography conditions.

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Paolo Gerero

Creation Date

June 2018


Plaster of Paris and Acrylic Polychrome


16.3 cm (height), 10.3 cm (width), 10.3 cm (depth)


Into the Arts Since:

Affiliations: Young Artists Guild of Camarines Norte, Camarines Norte Artists Collective

Art-related Educational Background (formal or informal): Self-taught

Mediums / Materials Specialization: Wood carving, plaster casting, oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolors, ink

Inspirations: Catholic iconography, Philippine folk devotion, social and political issues that affect humanity.


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