Daeng Kasagkoran


The title, “Daeng Kasagkoran”—for those who do not speak Bicol—translates to “endless” or “infinite”—specifically the feeling of endlessness or infinity of loneliness during a depressive episode.

At such moments, it feels that the loneliness will never end, that one is permanently gripped by the swirling typhoon of emotions within.

This, of course, is a lie—albeit one that is so deeply convincing that in such episode, one fully believes in its truth.

The soul, however, eventually blossoms and radiates through the sorrow, in a moment of blissful triumph unparalleled by any sensation, at least to the person suffering the depressive episode.

Meantime, the use of vibrant colors suggests that a depressive episode does not feel the least bit monochromatic. Rather, it feels closer to an explosion of pulsating hues—guilt, lethargy, helplessness, anger, fear, and anxiety bleeding and blending into each other while the mind watches, helpless and desperate.

I hope that with these words, this piece contributes to the conversation on mental health and art. Or at the very least be a source of delight in someone’s space—which, of course, is also a perfectly noble reason for being.


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Melissa Villa-Real Basmayor

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Mixed Media on Canvas


20 in. x 16 in.



I have avoided posting words to accompany my visual art because I’ve always felt that art is a way of expressing oneself without using words—a refreshing change from my profession, where I try to evoke images using language.

This time, however, I had this feeling that while the artwork can and does stand alone, able to sing what it wants to say through the colors and brushwork – a few notes on its conception would help articulate its intent.

The notes are not meant to be a substitute to the piece, nor does it dream of exposing all the layers of meaning the painting holds. Rather, it aspires to enrich the work, as a sort of postscript which does not take away anything from the original work, but adds to it in the ways language can.

Melissa Villa-Real Basmayor Trivia

Melissa Villa-Real Basmayor is a writer and visual artist based in Naga City, Philippines.

A member of Salingoy Art Group, her works in watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media, have been part of local and international exhibits.

Her literary works have also seen print in the Philippines and abroad.

A graduate of the University of the Philippines Diliman, she taught Humanities and Creative Writing to university students in Naga City, and continues to give lectures on art appreciation to learners of all ages.

She is co-owner of Lakaw Shoe Design, which offers customized handpainted designs on canvas shoes and other canvas-based products.

She is also one of the founders of ArtSikrap, an online platform for selling arts and crafts.

Presently, she works as Editor-in-Chief of Bicol Standard newspaper, while exploring other media and themes in art.


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