It all started on a rainy day before the 3rd Philippine Cinema Sessions (NCR), while typhoon Ompong eases towards Isabela, Apayao, and Abra to landfall. Two friends from Bicol Region decided on a bold move and created the initial foundation of the ArtSikrap Movement. Like other crazy ideas, the first building block is the hardest to place – the first step in starting this journey. Through blurry glimpses of what this project may become, these friends dissected the initial ideas into practical and realistic steps.

This project aims to setup a connection between artists and enthusiasts interested in various visual art movements or styles. Its website provides an avenue for artists to showcase their works and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

ArtSikrap also aims to help weave the tale of Philippine history – confined within fine arts and art-infused crafts.

In other words, ArtSikrap is an online initiative that aspires to connect Bikolnon (initially) artists to art lovers from all over the globe. It offers a glimpse—“sikrap”—into the booming local art scene via its collection of paintings, illustrations, sculptures, photography, prints, and crafts at affordable price points. Its streamlined system – the experience of buying and selling art hassle-free and enjoyable – makes up part of the feats ArtSikrap commits to achieve, in order to serve the community better.



Artsikrap is a fun-inspired collaboration among Michael Gabriel Deauna, Melissa Villa-Real Basmayor, and Samuel T Sendon II.

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