Paolo P. Gerero

Into the arts since 2012.

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Faith and art are closely intertwined in Paolo Gerero’s works, where abstract ideas and intense emotions become incarnate in the form of icons borrowed from the Christian tradition, recarved and remodelled to fit into the contemporary frame in which the artist exists.

Known primarily in Daet, Camarines Norte – his hometown – as a sculptor of ‘santos’ or religious images in wood and other materials, Paolo straddles the traditional and the modern not just in sculpture, but also in painting, drawing, photography, poetry and performance; while his first love is creating santos for devotional puposes, he also uses the very same icons to voice out ideas that are not commonly associated with the Divine – issues that affect his nation and his world, such as extrajudicial killings, gender equality, poverty, social injustice and other subjects that would make polite company squirm.

Devoted and irreverent at the same time, Paolo believes that he has been given a responsibility by the Divine to give voice to the voiceless through his art, and his life’s mission is to do so until his last breath, so that when finally facing the Divine Artist, he may present his life as an artwork that is imperfect, but made from and by his very heart.

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