Michael Gabriel Deauna

Commonly known as “badxjao” in the graffiti world, Michael Gabriel Deauna is a multi-disciplinary artist. Borrowing from pre-Spanish era and contemporary art, Jao constructs his works in juxtapose manner. His modern twist of methological creatures,bold brush strokes and mask like faces lend an element of surreal spectacle.

The fervent emotion of grand drama is carried through Jao’s frentic style of painting may it be on canvass or murals. Thick brushstroke battles with translucent drizzles and impassioned smears; acid tones are electrified against the sombre ground. Reminiscent of Dore’s Nightmarish crowds.

Jao infuses old Pinoy mythology and a modern take on street style to achieve a post Apocalyptic scenery.

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