Chris Micu

Chris Micu, a tattoo artist by trade, started into that world through designs found via Google searches and evolved to custom designs based on clients’ concepts or preferences.

Style as Tattoo Artist

Chris usually starts by creating mock up concepts on paper and gets an approval from client. Although he uses stencil most of the time, there were situations when the design requires to be custom drawn according to the contours of the client’s body that will serve as the final canvas.

His main goal in all his works is to produce a great artwork. It doesn’t matter much whether it was done using a stencil or freehand drawn. The output is the most important aspect.

Interest in Tattoo Art

The interest started as a joke when friends had their Tatts done by other artists. Someone offered tattoo for dreadlocks (he used to do dreads). Some skater friends became willing recipients and offered their skins for him to practice his beginner skills on (Google Based designs).

Chris found a mentor through Alex Cabaluna - an established artist whom he found while on the way to a skate competition at Espana. Went in and was bold enough to ask Lex if he could be a mentor, to which Lex agreed and asked Chris to come back and bring his own machine and tattoo recipient so he can gauge the skills. That fateful day in 2006 brought Chris his first formal job as a tattoo artist at the Lex Cabaluna Tattoo Espanya shop. The rest was history.

Chris' first specialisation is biomechanical designs since that’s the specialty of his mentor, Lex.

His painting prowess, on the other hand, was influenced by Dyani Lao.

Current Career Direction

Chris aims to create more on custom black and gray designs (could be religious, Japanese style). On the other hand, 2019 is the year he decided to pursue using pen and paint brush again in order to find his own identity in the way he designs tattoos.

There were times his exploration brought him to realistic style of design, and often times, he tend to create various facial expressions of women.

His short term goal is to create a lot of small to medium paintings or drawings that will lead to the enrichment of his experience as an artist.

“That’s how you get to know where you are good at - by creating small works such as a Japanese-oriental style of design for one client, or a small Polynesian style for another. Sometimes these designs fuse together. Other times I get acknowledged for a job well done. In that way, I get to glimpse which designs I’m good at and are attractive to tattoo collectors - and those incidents may trigger the direction where I would go.” - Chris Micu

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