About two weeks before Christmas of 2018, nine individuals put their heads together and came up with a quick exhibition of arts and crafts – in what eventually turned out to become the Arog Kaito Project. In a nutshell, the project aimed to showcase locally created works that include paintings, carvings, dreamcatchers, trinkets, literary arts and custom-painted shoes among others.

This movement is a call to action that aims to build a community of creatives within the locality of Daet, Camarines Norte. The initial output turned out to be an organized small-scale event where members of the group have the opportunity to lay down their handcrafted artworks right outside of Café Morga – whose management generously provided logistical support for the said event to become a complete success.

The Striving Art Scene

For anyone who lives or have visited Daet – the capital municipality of Camarines Norte province – one very prominent characteristic of this place is that its streets are bustling of energy just by looking at the volume of foot traffic anywhere at its relatively small center of commerce. One thing that could arguably improve its vibrant culture is the support for the nurture and growth of its creative youth population.

Suffice to say, this sort of growth is what Arog Kaito Collective has set out to achieve – one “latag” at a time.


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